Assembly line balancing the comparison of COMSOAL and MSNSH technique in Motorcycle manufacturing company

Autoria(s): Lerttira, Areeda; Yarlagadda, Prasad K.D.V.



Today’s highly competitive market influences the manufacturing industry to improve their production systems to become the optimal system in the shortest cycle time as possible. One of most common problems in manufacturing systems is the assembly line balancing problem. The assembly line balancing problem involves task assignments to workstations with optimum line efficiency. The line balancing technique, namely “COMSOAL”, is an abbreviation of “Computer Method for Sequencing Operations for Assembly Lines”. Arcus initially developed the COMSOAL technique in 1966 [1], and it has been mainly applied to solve assembly line balancing problems [6]. The most common purposes of COMSOAL are to minimise idle time, optimise production line efficiency, and minimise the number of workstations. Therefore, this project will implement COMSOAL to balance an assembly line in the motorcycle industry. The new solution by COMSOAL will be used to compare with the previous solution that was developed by Multi‐Started Neighborhood Search Heuristic (MSNSH), which will result in five aspects including cycle time, total idle time, line efficiency, average daily productivity rate, and the workload balance. The journal name “Optimising and simulating the assembly line balancing problem in a motorcycle manufacturing company: a case study” will be used as the case study for this project [5].





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Lerttira, Areeda & Yarlagadda, Prasad K.D.V. (2013) Assembly line balancing the comparison of COMSOAL and MSNSH technique in Motorcycle manufacturing company. Advanced Materials Research, 605-607, pp. 166-174.


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